Dr. Andreas Maier

Thinker, Problem Solver, Mentor, Dancer, and in my spare time Entrepreneur and Blogger.

Re-thinking the impossible. Innovation where needed.

About me

I was born in the year of the Monkey, which means I am an entrepreneur at heart. My journey has been filled with many ups and a few downs, but I never lost sight of my vision for making the world a better place through technology and innovation.

Back in the ‘90s, I started a company called “Datasoft” to help governments digitize processes until then happening in the offline world. It was a tough time because initially our services were not that popular and sought after. We had to start small but were able to build up a formidable team and eventually expand into a few countries and markets, providing software for governments in document management and eProcurement.

Over the past 30 years, I worked for fortune 500 companies and founded several startups – some with luck, and some without. I innovated for demand, and sometimes just for fun – and was able to exit most of my startups gaining benefits, and re-investing into the next “big” idea.

With experience working across 3 continents, and 20+ countries, organically I grew into a leader by heart. Challenging and mentoring teams are assets, Monkeys do not need special training for, they come naturally. 

Digital Process Specialist 

Digital transformations and Process implementations are deep in my forehead. I have helped several companies streamline processes and get to the latest stage of technology.

Innovation Expert

Innovation is not only building the next massive thing. Innovation becomes only innovation when a growing user base verifies the innovativeness of the solution. My judgement helps to identify what works and what does not.

Serial Entrepreneur 

With over 10 Startups on my back, I know the ins and outs, starting from ideation to final delivery of digital solutions. With a background in Tech and a range of soft skills, I am a born entrepreneur.

Programmer by heart 

Even though my duties over the past 10 years have been placed in management, I still like to keep hands on. Not losing touch is essential to stay up to date on what technology brings every now and then.

Organizations I engage with

I run several companies. Currently I am engaging with Code Coda and SIX ERP, which uses up 90% of my time. In both companies I act as Chief Executive, trying to facilitate business growth – for a precise job description, however, just do not ask me, as it spans from babysitting to interacting with clients and politics.


CodeCoda is a "do-it-differently" eCommerce House and Custom Software Developer for online e-businesses. We diversify with projects tailored for traditional as well as digital-savvy customers. We partner with technology businesses globally, helping them build successful and innovative digital products in the eCommerce, Fintech, Banking, Medical, Trade, and AI vertical.


SIX ERP is an enterprise-grade ERP solution that adapts to any industry, and company size! With industry-leading performance, easy user experience, and complete customizability, ERP has never been easier.
The best: You get unlimited users and modules with only one annual license - No hidden costs!


Things I care for 


Industry Association Digital Bulgaria. I act as Chairman to the organization with the target to facilitate digitalization for SMEs in Bulgaria through a unique bottom-up approach. With over 45 Organizational Members from Private to Government body, the initiative #forbulgaria is growing rapidly into the leading organization in Bulgaria. #iad #forbulgaira


Children in most parts of the world do not get equal opportunities to children in western countries.
Supporting UNICEF makes some lives worth living – and that cause is enough to support their actions throughout the world. #Unicef

Things that make me happy! 

In the little spare time, that usually remains, I spend a lot dancing Salsa – and lately Tango Argentino. I love the passion of Tango – A story of Love, Drama – and Romance. Else I am a sailor, and you might find me in the Meds, usually in some hidden bay, away from public view. What else I do usually depends on my available time, but that could also be just hanging out on a beach with a Campari Orange in my hands.

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